Wednesday, August 4, 2010

UUcall responsible for the first time to explain to stop taking

Mr. Wang UUCall Leader exclusive interview yesterday, Artesyn Technologies, said, led to UUCall stop taking the real reason is not domain name disputes, but due to conflict with national policies. It is also responsible for the first time UUCall event position on the large-scale outages.

UUCall is the one of the most well-known Internet telephony, through the software, users can dial in the computer world any phone, landline, charges a minimum of only 0.06 yuan / minute, and zero monthly rental, free roaming world. October 7, UUCall suddenly announced suspension, which led to its 30 million registered users are affected.

Subsequent days, a large number of UUCall users Baidu Bar, End of the World and other sites pasting protests, demanding constant UUCall excellent operational side of Hangzhou to explain. Artesyn Technologies onward connection to UUCall leader Mr. Wang, the sudden stop taking incident of mass and revealed mystery.

UUCALL stop taking it because domain name disputes

Wang is a software and website UUCall.Com UUCall all. In 2004, Wang and the team developed UUCall software, after 5 years of concentrated operations, UUCall has quietly become the largest Internet phone users brands.

October 7, UUCall site domain name resolution is unexpectedly interrupted, UUCall services this stop. The face of a large number of user inquiries, customer service, the explanation given is: because the company exists in name dispute led to UUCall not normal operations.

In fact, Mr. Wang himself was not clear why the outbreak of such a major accident. "At first the interpretation of the domain name disputes, is based on the technical staff of the preliminary judging. But the company finally get the exact message is: the relevant state department for UUCall temporarily stop taking." At 2:00 p.m. on the October 11, Mr. Wang said to Artesyn Technologies.

In an interview, UUCall stop taking has been going on for five days, the well-known VoIP brand is still no sign of any recovery operation. Mr. Wang said that, UUCall has been in and coordinate the relevant departments to fight to restore normal service.

Mr. Wang also said that the domestic Internet telephony industry has experienced similar outages after the incident. "This UUCall's stop taking the hope that the government sector from the industry norm."

It is understood that the rise of Internet telephony operator company in 2005. At that time, Ministry of Information Industry has issued a document to restrict the domestic private capital to enter the VoIP operators. Introduced this policy to consider more of the traditional telecom operators to protect the interests and the VoIP call quality and communication of information security concerns.

However, as China's number of breakthrough 300 million Internet users, Internet phone technology matures, related operating companies has become increasingly strong. And related regulatory policies are not sound, but also to this new industry with unprecedented pressures and challenges.

Mr. Wang said that China has not announced before the Telecommunications Act, Internet phone industry, destined to the rising and falling with the policy. He also believes that the introduction of the Telecommunications Act or will contribute to regulating Internet telephony industry.

Pao Lu denied misappropriating company called user patient support

As the outage time for longer and longer, more and more paying customers are beginning to worry about UUCall can not recover the advance payment. Internet outage on speculation and rumors UUCall more and more, and even friends question: UUCall operators may "misappropriating Pao Lu."

Mr. Wang said this commitment, including his team, including business as UUCall of life, but also insist on honesty, "We will not make the detrimental UUCall user thing."

"UUCall years ago, several young people from the start impulse, and rely on technology to solve their own voice messages sent over the network problem, since the promotion sought after by many users." Wang said they venture team has been lying low, encouraged to go, it will not give up easily.

Mr. Wang also urged users to UUCall enough patience and support. "We value this hard-won confidence, and we will stick to go on." He said so.

In addition, Mr. Wang is also correct about the media said up to 30 million subscribers UUCall statement, he explained that 30 million is the cumulative number of UUCall registered users, including the provision of services from UUCall since all users, including both also paid for free users, there are net users and experience users.

"People say we are black users, 30 million, but we are four individuals, are now lived in the rental room." Mr. Wang said that although the company is also start-up stage, but it will not easily give up the current achievements.

Mr. Wang concluded by saying that he personally more interested in the products and technologies, not like the spotlight. "If a user that likes UUCall, I would feel very happy. But in recent days, when you see that many users do not understand, I also feel very depressed and sad." He appealed, hoping to give the user some time to respond to the plight of UUCall.

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