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4 strokes should shock

By "Blaster" virus infected machines, the most common phenomenon is the start 1 minute after the system reboot again, this time simply no time to go online and download Zhuanshagongju or patch, then how to do? Anti-virus experts tell you a way to let you in a minute buttoned system. Users during the following operation, the network must first be disconnected to prevent the computer to repeat infections.

Using the boot disk, remove the virus in the DOS environment

1. Which recruit the above phenomenon occurs after the system boot disk into DOS with the DOS environment, the operating system directory into the C drive.

Operation command set:

CD C: windows (or CD C: winnt)

2. Find directory "msblast.exe" virus file.

Operation command set:

dir msblast.exe / s / p

3. To find where the virus entered the subdirectory, and then delete the file directly to the virus.

Operation command set:

Del msblast.exe

Into safe mode, manually remove the virus

If you do not DOS startup disk, and one way is to start after the system into Safe Mode and then search C drive, find msblast.exe file, locate and delete the file directly, then you can start the computer normally again.


Manually remove the virus body, it should be online to download the appropriate patch, the following are the specific download patch Address:

Windows 2000: = C8B8A846-F541-4C15-8C9F-220354449117 & & displaylang = en

Windows XP 32-bit version: / downloads / details.aspx? FamilyId = 2354406C-C5B6-44AC-9532-3DE40F69C074 & & displaylang = en

Tip: If you manually clear the virus, download the patch, the computer virus and restart again, this time can only manually remove the virus again, and then did not the infected computer to download the appropriate patch, patch to the system, and then to do other operations.

Use Zhuanshagongju

Once on shore, patch, use Zhuanshagongju virus removal system:

Rising Zhuanshagongju blaster.htm.

Duba Zhuanshagongju

Symantec Removal Tool

Trend Micro remove program TSC (Trend Micro System Cleaner)

Guanqunjinchen special removal tool available

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UC: a master of a MS

Office Communications Server 2007 manages all real-time (synchronous) communications including instant communication, VoIP, audio / video conferencing.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Office Communications Server 2007 manages all real-time (synchronous) communications including instant communication, VoIP, audio / video conferencing. Remote communication with existing systems, enables enterprises can not remove the case of the traditional telephone network synchronization to deploy advanced VoIP and conferencing.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 with strong online reminder technology, it can be stored in Active Directory for all contact information of communication with people combined into one. Users to use online reminder, you can directly see if someone is online, and click the instant communication, telephone or video conference with their contact. This is the Microsoft unified communications platform is a very important advantage.

Office Communicator 2007

Office Communicator 2007 is suitable for real-time (synchronous) communication between the client application. It is the user for the online and catalog information, instant communication, telephone and audio / video conferencing the main tool.

Office Communicator 2007's design is very intuitive, very easy to use click to call functions to communicate, and can be words from the instant message to the telephone or video conferencing easy, free switching.

In addition, it alerts and automatic call forwarding feature allows users to control calls, or you can manually set their status light. For example, when users need to concentrate on work in a state can be set to busy. It is worth mentioning that, Office Communicator 2007 can all incoming calls to voice mail.

Office Communicator 2007 to communicate the successful experience of integration into the entire Microsoft Office system and even beyond the scope of the system. Whenever the contact's name appears, online information will be reflected in detail: In the document workspace, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server site or in e-mail string. Using this feature, the user may, in its support of Windows Mobile device or click to call using the online tool.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to manage all synchronous communication and e-mail, voice mail, fax, and calendar and other communication summary, integration to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 users in the inbox.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 version, including voice service system, so users can call to access the Inbox, to listen to the calendar and work according to schedule, listen to e-mail messages and voice mail messages, manage their personal contact information, or corporate address book to call any contact.

Exchange Server 2007 also includes Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access, it is a powerful Web mail client, allowing users to stay connected anytime, anywhere along the way, and through the system to run Windows Mobile Outlook feature rich device experience.

Microsoft Office 2007

Full application of Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft unified communications technologies. From Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 document workspace to the team sites and SharePoint Server 2007 on the My Sites, all online through the system always remind technology.

As each person during file processing can be used online to remind, remind the technology so online offers a variety of communication channels. If you are an Office Excel 2007, to share the budget work, so only a few clicks and you can start a real-time communication between the owner of all the budget session, and if at any time will switch to the telephone or audio / video conferencing.

In fact, when companies deploy Microsoft unified communications technologies, they not only adds a single solution, but to change the entire Microsoft Office experience.

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 is Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 predecessor, it offers through Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 team sites and instant messaging.

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Hart governance "disease" Hewlett-Packard

Stormy from a year ago, revenue this year, the first challenge, Mark. Hurd HP hand how the magic of what changes?

HP Global CEO Carly times all the office equipment in, Mark. Hurd era HP quietly changing. Over the past year, if only from the California Office of decorative HP Global CEO changes, you can not see this famous company which is in change.

June 21, San Jose, California, sunny, industry analysts from around the world excitedly gathered here. When Mark. Hurd (Mark.Hurd), who rarely show their faces in the HP Global CEO took vigorous speech to Taiwan. No rhetoric and inspiring strategy, but on the number of industry analysts interested in doing the serious note, write "simplify," "reduce costs" These words may seem boring.

5 at the end of this year, investors in the stock price of HP from June 2005 to 22.38 U.S. dollars to 32 U.S. dollars pushing for more than 11 months, up nearly 50%. HP's first quarter 2006 revenue of 22.7 billion U.S. dollars, second quarter revenue of 22.6 billion. Analysts expect fiscal year 2006 (2005 11 1st - October 31, 2006), Hewlett-Packard's revenue will reach 91 billion U.S. dollars, while Big Blue IBM for the sale of 11 billion U.S. dollars turnover of PC business 2006 will only reach 90.5 billion U.S. dollars. "Business Week," the author said, countervailing, IT giant will usher in a new maximum, it is HP.

However, in the year and a half ago, HP shares have been declining (from July 1999 to February 2005, the stock has shrunk 63%), the proposed sale of PC business, separating the voices of the printer business continued, star female CEO Carly whirlwind forced to resign. For a time, the world's second largest IT company Hewlett-Packard in a precarious position.

April 2005, from NCR's unsung Mark. Hurd took over Hewlett-Packard Global CEO of Sceptre, compared to glamorous predecessor Carly, Mark. Hurd stable has had some "boring." However, heavy flow management, the HP of the business is recovering, even compared to analysts Hurd IBM back from the brink of death and the location of IT King Gerstner. Well, Mark. Hart will lead the historical peak HP rushed it?

Accountability and Execution

"You tell me, if this is done, who should I pinch the neck?" A year ago, Mark. Hart's visit to China when listening to the reports, asked a senior Chinese.

Time really do not know, "pinch" Who's neck. Carly the era of the matrix management structure, this popular architecture has many advantages, such as improving the capacity of the sector in coordination, but equally obvious defects, including multiple leading cause is unclear, the responsibility to promote each other. Hewlett-Packard from the formation of a concentrated expression in the sales department, established in 2004 is responsible for HP's enterprise customers (including SMEs) in the sales department (CSG), is responsible for TSG, PSG, IPG three major product groups-business sales, personal consumption customer is still by the (IPG) is responsible. This "one face to face customer" model looks very nice, actually operate has many drawbacks.

As the sales and product responsibilities between the departments did not completely clearly defined organizational structure that has a high coordination costs. Each needs to make a decision in several departments within the company to meet to discuss the final who also Zuobulezhu, customers complain about slow response. Moreover, if a problem occurs, the parties

Pass the buck to each other face, can not find people to come and wrench.

"You know, with a lot of people talk, to discuss decisions are tired of." Mark. Hurd on June 21 analyst meeting to explain the reasons for HP's restructuring.

July 19, 2005, spent a few months after about the status of HP, Mark. Hart poked a sword. Announced the layoff of 10%, to just merge near IPG and PSG, which is separate to the original cross-platform business sales - Business and Public Utilities Group (CSG) 1 涓?than sales directly into the enterprise computing and professional services Group (TSG), Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) and information products and business channels Group (PSG) of three independent business groups, which greatly increase the business unit leading the company's control of power resources.

Mark. Hart's effort to reduce complexity and simplify the company's operations to customers from the market and more recently, while decision-making to customers and markets from the nearest person. June 20, 2006, HP further subtraction and decentralization, announced the closure of global operations (global operations unit), and the department of logistics and procurement functions to the three business groups (IPG, PSG, TSG) in. After adjustment, the three major business groups across the board in fulfilling its business, the commitment to supply chain management, procurement, logistics, logistics, order management and customer relationship management functions, including a wide range.

"HP's goal is to improve efficiency and reduce level. Previous products, consulting services and other departments have reported to me, now they can be reported to the local general manager of the decision. The original and the bottom I have too many levels of employees, now only two. "Mark. Hurd said.

Mark. Hart's goals achieved to some extent, the right to make the decentralization of business units to become flexible, faster decision-making. HP's Ann Livermore, executive vice president, said the usefulness of cost of sales over the past decided to open a few weeks of the meeting, and now I just call department staff to sit down and discuss a simple decision can be.

While decentralization is a clear responsibility. "Accountability system" began to HP to implement, some people accountable for results. Ann Livermore, said the accountability system can be in the financial statements and decision-making to see its benefits, responsibilities obvious, we all departments accountable for results. "You done well, is going up; do well, new ones who do." HP China, said a high-level "accountability system" introduced to Carly stop the execution once the problem has been a degree of resolve.

If Carly Compaq merger four years ago, to expand the scale of HP is a huge gamble, then continue with the Hart bet to some extent. He did not sell the PC sector, or spinning off the printer, "bigger and stronger" and Carly strategy does not change, only thing ---- Mark Hurd to strengthen the implementation.

One just from Hewlett-Packard China, returning to high-level Asia-Pacific office, said Carly era is constantly making plans and strategies, followed by the old strategy of throwing in the drawer again in limbo, the new program has come in constantly. Instead, Hart is holding a program that, hey, guys, continue to implement this.

Cost, cost, or cost

HP PSG Group second quarter of 2006 increased 10%, operating profit was 248 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 3.6% of revenue, significantly more than last year 147 million U.S. dollars of operating profit (2.3% of total revenue). In fact, due to price wars, HP's PC products, prices have been declining. Prices down and profits up forming an interesting contrast, the only explanation is that HP is a good control of costs.

HP estimates fiscal 2006 revenue of 91 billion U.S. dollars, expected profit of 80 million, most of which cost control cost savings. "HP is also the cost of 83 billion U.S. dollars, can be plenty of room for the operation." Mark Hurd not meet the current cost situation.

Mark Hurd is a cost-control expert. Able to stand out from the many candidates to become the global HP CEO, the board saw in it the execution and cost control capabilities. After taking office, hired Mark Hurd in his old acquaintance ---- NCR former Dell CIO Randy Mott as Hewlett-Packard's CIO. Mott action very soon, in-house information technology, the HP's internal IT this year lost over 500 projects, saving 200 million U.S. dollars in expenses, but still HP's internal information systems to provide the best information available to the company staff, to ensure business growth on the demand for information.

May 18, 2006, HP announced a global integrated into 85 data centers in Atlanta, Houston, Austin's six main sites. These three cities have two sites in each city, an area of 50,000 square feet, 15 miles away. The site will be used to support HP's own server and storage infrastructure. Data center consolidation, as HP saved billions of dollars in IT spending.

Organizational structure in July last year, after adjustment, HP cut by 1.5 million people. Hart hopes the 2006 fiscal year the company to save 900 million to 10.5 million cost. These cuts in Europe have been challenged, and that contrary to "as important as employees and profits," the Huipuzhidao, but Mark Hurd said HP's new position also needs people who still recruit people.

HP hopes to become the best consulting services company, but by the end of 2005 Mark Hurd, HP's consulting services to slow down or even give up some of HP's consulting services orders. Already received orders for consulting services, HP and the customer to re-discuss, if consensus to do it, or give up. Mark Hurd said, should pay attention to costs, not additional staff, but to reduce staff, more standardized. Cost of cost should be reasonable, then scale to win. HP's consulting services this year only 1% -2% business growth.

Hurd, the original brand advertising "HP +" no longer appears. Brand advertising in the media to reduce the volume. Some analysts said that Hart had the money to go to product sector and promotion of the client.

HP and even save money in real estate. HP is a real estate big, some small companies, including HP's acquisition of its office space, put the focus on office space, and then release a number of small, decentralized offices, from real estate to save money, make money to promote the company's development.

"On the one hand to spend money to promote business growth, while reducing costs money." Said Mark Hurd, business growth, cost control, asset, financial and personnel in these three areas constitute the Mark Hurd's "Golden Triangle." "If the revenues and costs both at the same time to increase, decrease in profit is not normal."

Mark Hurd promised not to reduce the cost of R & D last year, HP spent about 35 billion dollars to research and development, which accounts for 4% of annual revenue, a figure caught in its rival IBM (around 6%) and Dell (only 1%) between.

Cost-effective control, making HP's earnings margins increased substantially. Wall Street investors and analysts are very satisfied with the doer, not indiscreet remarks on HP's business.

Hart's "shortsighted" and challenges

Mark Hurd does not like exposure to the spotlight, took office more than a year, few interviews with the media, "HP does not need a 15-minute news broke." Mark is also not as good at inspiring Carly. Many analysts in the face of the meeting, Mark Hurd always the case at the end: "We still have a lot of difficult things to do."

But his partner said Ann Livermore, often with partner Mark has a very good meeting, and at the party to the partners were very excited, very inspiring.

Mark greatly on the customer's attention more than his predecessor. HP senior vice president of sales Dave Booth said, "When there are urgent needs of customers, I will pick up the phone call the office directly to Mark, if he is not, and customers together, he will immediately stop working with my hands together to find ways. important is that I can find him, and not through other channels. Mark is our chief sales officer. "

June 24, Mark led a global high-level visit to China on June 29 quietly leave Beijing. In addition to essential public appearances, the mark most of the time spent sitting together with the Chinese team is very careful and detailed analysis of every detail and see the situation in China, business operation, and what there is still more growth, the possibility of obtaining a greater market share and so on. "We said to grow so much this year, Mark will ask can not have more growth?" Zhuangzheng Song senior vice president of HP China, said in an interview.

Currently, HP's revenue, 65% came from outside North America market. China and Brazil, Russia, India (BRIC) are kept as "BRIC." IT market growth in these countries faster than the United States, expects the global analyst conference, HP China President Sun Zhenyao and head of the other three countries presented their respective areas of jurisdiction with the situation. According to Sun Zhenyao introduced since last year, HP's revenue growth rate in China was 20%, the next two years, China may become world's second largest after the U.S. IT market.

In the eyes of Ann Livermore, Mark is very concerned about the results and the actual figures to win. "He's very realistic, more concerned about the present and near future, thinking about how the strategy is a step forward, uncertain long-term goals too." Mark Hewlett-Packard staff to China, after the speech, an ordinary employee about his impression of the mark.

Carly is the dream of 90% and 10% in operations, Hurd is just the opposite. As former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner, like Hart that "vision" and strategy elements required in the company came in last. He believes the biggest challenge now is how to implement a thorough strategy to achieve goals. Some analysts believe that the best is Carly (good at developing strategies) and the Hart of the advantages (good execution) can be combined.

Mark HP's business is moving toward recovery under the adjustment. TSG group led by Ann Livermore profit situation is better. Had a little "virtual" AE strategy (Adaptive Enterprise strategy), is gradually compacted. Over the past two years, HP 11 management software company, has acquired a number of regional service company, enhance the Adaptive Enterprise strategy. Last year in April, Todd Bradley, palmOne charge from HP's PC business. Over the past year, PC greatly enhanced the profitability of the business. Vyomesh Joshi helm IPG (imaging and printing group) is to print from the printer business services business.

HP's product line is the longest IT companies, from high-end services and servers, PC products to the printer product, but compared to IBM to focus on high value-added enterprise applications market, HP's business is difficult to generalize. HP's next to go where, to be like GE company? Hart did not give us answers. Perhaps he should consider that this is not a current problem.


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Photoshop font effects - waffle words

In this case, we will make a waffle effect of the font, the key commands used to: Expand; Gaussian Blur; Wind; Hue / Saturation.

A first implementation of the File> New command to create a long-10cm height 6cm, 300dpi the new document.
2 Channels control panel, create a new Alpha1 channel, making it the current channel.
3 Next, select the text tool in the toolbox of the rampant, the channel input alphabet, and drag the appropriate location.
4 Copy Alpha1 channel into Alpah2 access to Alpah2 channel into the current channel. And implementation of the Filter> Stylize> Tiles command, ready to make the letter grid effect. In the Tiles dialog box, set the Number of Tiles: 10; Maximum Offset: 2%; Fill Empty Area With: Background Color, then press OK button to confirm.
5 implementation of the Select> Modify> Expand command in the pop-up dialog box, set the Expand By: 1pixels, to expand the edge of the letter.
6 re-implementation of the Filter> Other> Minimum order, ready to narrow the letter the edge of the bright area. In the Minimum dialog box, set the Radius: 5pixels, and press OK button to confirm. Deselect range.
7 Copy Alpha1 channel into Alpah3 access to Alpah3 channel into the current channel. Implementation of the Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur command, ready to make the letters blur. In the Gaussian Blur dialog box, set the Radius: 4pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
8 implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, ready to load Alpha2 selected range. In the Load Selection dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha2, and press the OK button to confirm.
9 implementation of the Select> Modify> Smooth command, ready to smooth processing of the letters. In the Smooth Selection dialog box, set the Sample Radius: 1pixels, and press OK button to confirm.
10 implementation of the Select> Feather command, preparing letters for emergence treatment. In the Feather Selection dialog box, set the Feather Radius: 2pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
11 to the foreground color set to gray, press Alt + Delete keys on the fill color within the selected range.
12 to return to the RGB color mixing state.
13 implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, ready to load Alpha1 selected range. The foreground color set to red, press Alt + Delete keys, the fill color.
14 implementation of the Filter> Render> Lighting Effects order, ready to produce lighting effects on the letter. In the Lighting Effects dialog box, set the Style: Default; Light Type: Spotlight; election on; Intensity: 13; Focus: 92; Gloss: 60; Material: 42;

Exposure: 13; Ambience: 0; Texture Channel: Alpha3, the effects can be adjusted in the left preview window to watch the rest according to the default value, press the OK button to confirm.

15 remain on the letters selected, then select the circle tool in the toolbox, then use the mouse to select the range moved slightly to the right distance.
16 implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, ready to load Alpha1 selected range. In the Load Selection dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha1; Operation election Sutractfrom Selection, and press the OK button to confirm.
17 implementation of the Select> Feather command, preparing letters for emergence treatment. In the Feather Selection dialog box, set the Feather Radius: 2pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
18 to the foreground color set to gray, then to 70% by Gray to fill. You're done.

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UUcall responsible for the first time to explain to stop taking

Mr. Wang UUCall Leader exclusive interview yesterday, Artesyn Technologies, said, led to UUCall stop taking the real reason is not domain name disputes, but due to conflict with national policies. It is also responsible for the first time UUCall event position on the large-scale outages.

UUCall is the one of the most well-known Internet telephony, through the software, users can dial in the computer world any phone, landline, charges a minimum of only 0.06 yuan / minute, and zero monthly rental, free roaming world. October 7, UUCall suddenly announced suspension, which led to its 30 million registered users are affected.

Subsequent days, a large number of UUCall users Baidu Bar, End of the World and other sites pasting protests, demanding constant UUCall excellent operational side of Hangzhou to explain. Artesyn Technologies onward connection to UUCall leader Mr. Wang, the sudden stop taking incident of mass and revealed mystery.

UUCALL stop taking it because domain name disputes

Wang is a software and website UUCall.Com UUCall all. In 2004, Wang and the team developed UUCall software, after 5 years of concentrated operations, UUCall has quietly become the largest Internet phone users brands.

October 7, UUCall site domain name resolution is unexpectedly interrupted, UUCall services this stop. The face of a large number of user inquiries, customer service, the explanation given is: because the company exists in name dispute led to UUCall not normal operations.

In fact, Mr. Wang himself was not clear why the outbreak of such a major accident. "At first the interpretation of the domain name disputes, is based on the technical staff of the preliminary judging. But the company finally get the exact message is: the relevant state department for UUCall temporarily stop taking." At 2:00 p.m. on the October 11, Mr. Wang said to Artesyn Technologies.

In an interview, UUCall stop taking has been going on for five days, the well-known VoIP brand is still no sign of any recovery operation. Mr. Wang said that, UUCall has been in and coordinate the relevant departments to fight to restore normal service.

Mr. Wang also said that the domestic Internet telephony industry has experienced similar outages after the incident. "This UUCall's stop taking the hope that the government sector from the industry norm."

It is understood that the rise of Internet telephony operator company in 2005. At that time, Ministry of Information Industry has issued a document to restrict the domestic private capital to enter the VoIP operators. Introduced this policy to consider more of the traditional telecom operators to protect the interests and the VoIP call quality and communication of information security concerns.

However, as China's number of breakthrough 300 million Internet users, Internet phone technology matures, related operating companies has become increasingly strong. And related regulatory policies are not sound, but also to this new industry with unprecedented pressures and challenges.

Mr. Wang said that China has not announced before the Telecommunications Act, Internet phone industry, destined to the rising and falling with the policy. He also believes that the introduction of the Telecommunications Act or will contribute to regulating Internet telephony industry.

Pao Lu denied misappropriating company called user patient support

As the outage time for longer and longer, more and more paying customers are beginning to worry about UUCall can not recover the advance payment. Internet outage on speculation and rumors UUCall more and more, and even friends question: UUCall operators may "misappropriating Pao Lu."

Mr. Wang said this commitment, including his team, including business as UUCall of life, but also insist on honesty, "We will not make the detrimental UUCall user thing."

"UUCall years ago, several young people from the start impulse, and rely on technology to solve their own voice messages sent over the network problem, since the promotion sought after by many users." Wang said they venture team has been lying low, encouraged to go, it will not give up easily.

Mr. Wang also urged users to UUCall enough patience and support. "We value this hard-won confidence, and we will stick to go on." He said so.

In addition, Mr. Wang is also correct about the media said up to 30 million subscribers UUCall statement, he explained that 30 million is the cumulative number of UUCall registered users, including the provision of services from UUCall since all users, including both also paid for free users, there are net users and experience users.

"People say we are black users, 30 million, but we are four individuals, are now lived in the rental room." Mr. Wang said that although the company is also start-up stage, but it will not easily give up the current achievements.

Mr. Wang concluded by saying that he personally more interested in the products and technologies, not like the spotlight. "If a user that likes UUCall, I would feel very happy. But in recent days, when you see that many users do not understand, I also feel very depressed and sad." He appealed, hoping to give the user some time to respond to the plight of UUCall.

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C # drag and drop source Xiangjie 1

The operating practices, we can Windows applications users are divided into two categories, first is preferred to use the keyboard of the user, the second is the preference of the user using the mouse. Experience for many programmers to fully understand, be sure to provide hot key (underscore will show the rapid character key) and the shortcut key (for example: Ctrl + key combination of a character) to a large number of users using the keyboard, but but often ignore the mouse users. As the programmers themselves tend to keyboard users, so special emphasis on the function-oriented keyboard is understandable, but every programmer should also take into account the full support of the mouse is.

In fact, most users expect the mouse is on the full support of drag and drop. However, closer inspection the majority of Windows applications or Windows operating system itself, we find that drag and drop capability is everywhere. For example, the user is already accustomed to Windows Explorer, drag and placement of files and drag in Microsoft Word and text placed.

Unfortunately, only a very small number of Visual C # programmers will develop their applications with complete drag and drop function, of course, one of the reasons causing this phenomenon is to achieve drag and drop functionality does have its difficulty and complexity. This section will let you know to use Visual C # 2003 ~ 2005 version after the release function of real drag is how a simple thing. We will show how the actual window inside the body, between the form and move between the application and copy text, pictures and documents.

Drag and drop operation is how it works

Drag and drop actually cut and paste (or copy and paste) is no different, but it is to use the mouse instead of using the keyboard. In both operations, you will have a source (that is, you cut or copied object) and a target (that is, between you paste). No matter what kind of operation, during operation, the data will exist in memory a copy. Cut and paste will be used to the clipboard, and drag and drop to a DataObject object will be used, in fact, DataObject object is like a private clipboard.

In a typical drag and drop operation will cause the following event sequence:

1. You can call the source control DoDragDrop method to initialize the drag operation. DoDragDrop method syntax is as follows:

DragDropEffects DoDragDrop (

Object data,

DragDropEffects allowedEffects) DoDragDrop method will accept the following two parameters:

A new DataObject object will automatically be created.

2. Then lead to the source control GiveFeedback event. In most cases, you do not need to deal with GiveFeedback event, but if you want to display a custom during drag the mouse pointer, you can write GiveFeedback event handler code to complete the set.

3.AllowDrop property is set to True, any controls can be placed target. You can design the "Properties" window as the target control to AllowDrop property set to True, or is in the operational phase in the form Load event handler as the target control will be set to AllowDrop property True.

4. When you move the mouse pointer over any control, it will lead to the control of the DragEnter event. We usually target the control of the DragEnter event handler, use the GetDataPresent method to detect whether the drag data format for the target control, and use the DragEventArgs type parameters allowed to set the Effect property of the placement operation.

5. If the user placed in a valid target release the mouse button, it will lead to target control DragDrop event. We usually target the control of the DragDrop event handler write the code, retrieve data from a DataObject object and displays the target control.

About drag and drop operation, you must note the following:

Some controls have custom drag-specific events. For example, ListView and TreeView control to have ItemDrag event. When a drag operation is being executed, you can handle QueryContinueDrag event, which will be the system "requires the use of permission" to continue to drag operation. When the time of that approach, but also a call to those who drag operation on the impact of the method is the right time. For example, when the mouse pointer over the top of the TreeView control when the start of a TreeNode. You can also define your own DataFormats. Approach is very simple, you need to specify your object SetData method of the Object parameter, specify the same time make sure the object is serializable. In addition, you can also use KeyState property in order to drag and drop operation according to the keys pressed during to produce specific results. For example, when Ctrl key is pressed, usually by dragging the data replication. Drag text

Drag operation is the simplest realization of a TextBox control to a certain move or copy text to another TextBox control. Of course, you can also use the copy or cut and paste operations between the two TextBox controls to copy or move data, but use the drag and drop to the completion of such action will definitely be more efficient.

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