Saturday, October 23, 2010

4 strokes should shock

By "Blaster" virus infected machines, the most common phenomenon is the start 1 minute after the system reboot again, this time simply no time to go online and download Zhuanshagongju or patch, then how to do? Anti-virus experts tell you a way to let you in a minute buttoned system. Users during the following operation, the network must first be disconnected to prevent the computer to repeat infections.

Using the boot disk, remove the virus in the DOS environment

1. Which recruit the above phenomenon occurs after the system boot disk into DOS with the DOS environment, the operating system directory into the C drive.

Operation command set:

CD C: windows (or CD C: winnt)

2. Find directory "msblast.exe" virus file.

Operation command set:

dir msblast.exe / s / p

3. To find where the virus entered the subdirectory, and then delete the file directly to the virus.

Operation command set:

Del msblast.exe

Into safe mode, manually remove the virus

If you do not DOS startup disk, and one way is to start after the system into Safe Mode and then search C drive, find msblast.exe file, locate and delete the file directly, then you can start the computer normally again.


Manually remove the virus body, it should be online to download the appropriate patch, the following are the specific download patch Address:

Windows 2000: = C8B8A846-F541-4C15-8C9F-220354449117 & & displaylang = en

Windows XP 32-bit version: / downloads / details.aspx? FamilyId = 2354406C-C5B6-44AC-9532-3DE40F69C074 & & displaylang = en

Tip: If you manually clear the virus, download the patch, the computer virus and restart again, this time can only manually remove the virus again, and then did not the infected computer to download the appropriate patch, patch to the system, and then to do other operations.

Use Zhuanshagongju

Once on shore, patch, use Zhuanshagongju virus removal system:

Rising Zhuanshagongju blaster.htm.

Duba Zhuanshagongju

Symantec Removal Tool

Trend Micro remove program TSC (Trend Micro System Cleaner)

Guanqunjinchen special removal tool available

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UC: a master of a MS

Office Communications Server 2007 manages all real-time (synchronous) communications including instant communication, VoIP, audio / video conferencing.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Office Communications Server 2007 manages all real-time (synchronous) communications including instant communication, VoIP, audio / video conferencing. Remote communication with existing systems, enables enterprises can not remove the case of the traditional telephone network synchronization to deploy advanced VoIP and conferencing.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 with strong online reminder technology, it can be stored in Active Directory for all contact information of communication with people combined into one. Users to use online reminder, you can directly see if someone is online, and click the instant communication, telephone or video conference with their contact. This is the Microsoft unified communications platform is a very important advantage.

Office Communicator 2007

Office Communicator 2007 is suitable for real-time (synchronous) communication between the client application. It is the user for the online and catalog information, instant communication, telephone and audio / video conferencing the main tool.

Office Communicator 2007's design is very intuitive, very easy to use click to call functions to communicate, and can be words from the instant message to the telephone or video conferencing easy, free switching.

In addition, it alerts and automatic call forwarding feature allows users to control calls, or you can manually set their status light. For example, when users need to concentrate on work in a state can be set to busy. It is worth mentioning that, Office Communicator 2007 can all incoming calls to voice mail.

Office Communicator 2007 to communicate the successful experience of integration into the entire Microsoft Office system and even beyond the scope of the system. Whenever the contact's name appears, online information will be reflected in detail: In the document workspace, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server site or in e-mail string. Using this feature, the user may, in its support of Windows Mobile device or click to call using the online tool.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to manage all synchronous communication and e-mail, voice mail, fax, and calendar and other communication summary, integration to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 users in the inbox.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 version, including voice service system, so users can call to access the Inbox, to listen to the calendar and work according to schedule, listen to e-mail messages and voice mail messages, manage their personal contact information, or corporate address book to call any contact.

Exchange Server 2007 also includes Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access, it is a powerful Web mail client, allowing users to stay connected anytime, anywhere along the way, and through the system to run Windows Mobile Outlook feature rich device experience.

Microsoft Office 2007

Full application of Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft unified communications technologies. From Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 document workspace to the team sites and SharePoint Server 2007 on the My Sites, all online through the system always remind technology.

As each person during file processing can be used online to remind, remind the technology so online offers a variety of communication channels. If you are an Office Excel 2007, to share the budget work, so only a few clicks and you can start a real-time communication between the owner of all the budget session, and if at any time will switch to the telephone or audio / video conferencing.

In fact, when companies deploy Microsoft unified communications technologies, they not only adds a single solution, but to change the entire Microsoft Office experience.

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 is Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 predecessor, it offers through Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 team sites and instant messaging.

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